USTR Announces New Duties Against China

The U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) has announced an additional 10% tariff on 6,031 tariff subheadings covering approximately $200 billion worth of imports. The proposal constitutes a new round of tariffs separate from the prior 25% tariff actions taken by the USTR. The complete Federal Register notice and tariff list can be found here.

The new tariff list includes products such as: food, chemicals, pesticides, minerals, fabrics, construction materials, handbags, luggage, car parts, appliances, machines, televisions, batteries, and furniture, among others. We have made an Excel version of the tariff list available here.

The USTR is proposing the tariffs because China has not acquiesced to U.S. demands outlined in the Section 301 investigation findings; nor has it responded constructively to the 25% duties already levied on approximately $34 billion in Chinese goods.

The new tariffs are expected to be implemented sometime after August 30. However, the specific timing and implementation of the tariffs may change as negotiations proceed between the USTR and Chinese officials.

Filings for requests to appear at the public hearing are due by July 27. Written comments are due by August 17. The public hearing will take place between August 20-23, and post hearing rebuttal comments are due by August 30.

Importers are encouraged to review their tariff designations for accuracy and develop countermeasures to address these new costs. We are currently assisting a wide range of clients, and can share effective strategies currently being deployed from a compliance perspective.

Please contact one of the Rock Trade Law professionals listed here to review your current tariff classifications, or if you wish to participate during the comment period.